G PRO 3.0 – RED




The new Gateron G Pro 3.0 hot-swap keyboard switches were designed with gamers and keyboard enthusiasts in mind!  These switches offer you the ability to change, or replace, keyboard switches at will.  Gateron has solved the problem of plugging and unplugging switches which can lead to frustration and bent terminal pins.  The G Pro 3.0, 5 pin version,  now comes with a three ply terminal pin, allowing for a more reliable connection as well as a stronger pin – without increasing the diameter of the pin, making hot-swapping a breeze!  You are able to modify a 5 pin PCB mount switch to fit a plate-mounting by simply clipping the extra pins (plastic mounts) on bottom of the switch. Lighting effects have been vastly improved featuring an upgraded light diffuser for more even and consistent LED illumination.  Order now and experience the improvements yourself!  Multiple features for actuation force, pre-travel and total travel are available – see PDF.